I don’t like fireworks

I used to like fireworks. I connected them with celebration, joy, romance, fun, beauty, spontaneity. 4th of July. New Year’s. Happy memories. So I thought fireworks in China would be like visiting the homeland of those things. But here, fireworks are tied to religious or ancestry rituals. It’s somber. You shouldn’t take photos or show […]

Art In China

To me, art is a form of expression and a form of documentation. I read bits of Chairman Mao’s book and he has a few lines about art. He says something like (I’ll replace this with the direct quote later) art for art’s sake does not exist. The highest form of art is art used […]

Short Laces, Long Stride

I often have a lazy/bad habit of not tying my shoelaces. Sometimes they even just come undone while I’m walking and I don’t even notice until a friend may point them out. I’ve even had strangers tell me to be careful. I often say thanks and just shrug it off. I forget why I need […]

Achieving Headphone Soundstage Umami

Soundstage is this subjective factor in headphone listening that is the holy grail secret sauce that everyone wants, but no one can pin down where the hell it comes from. As a quickie explanation, soundstage is a headphone’s ability to make whatever you’re listening to sound like it’s coming from beyond just your head. Headphones […]